Intermediate Workouts

The Fun Times! Workout

This is a 3 part endurance wod. The first set is combination ladder of push-ups and pull-ups. The second is a countdown of wall balls and toes to bar. Lastly what would a workout be without flipping a tire and hopping through as many times as possible in 3 minutes?!

The Running Sevens

The Running Sevens workout is a variation of the Crossfit WOD ‘Sevens’. You will complete 7 exercises, 7 times, for 7 sets. In between each set is a run!

Sweaty AMRAP

This is a fun and sweaty AMRAP (As many reps as possible). Its a self paced workout using a Medicine ball / Kettlebell and your bodyweight. I split the exercises into Beginner and Advanced so choose the level that suits your fitness level.. This one can burn up to 400 cal in 25 minutes.

Jumps, Burpees, and Sandbag Workout

This workout is a great strength sandbag workout. It’s a quick 30 minute total body workout. All you need is a treadmill or road, something to jump on, and a sandbag! Try to make it through the set 3 times but listen to your body.

The Indoor Long Run Alternative

Are you training for a run and need to get your long runs in? Are you stuck in a cold climate and it just dumped a foot of snow on the ground or it is -100 outside? This workout is the great indoor long run alternative. You’ll need a track and preferably a flight of stairs nearby. If not add 20s high knees for every flight of stairs the workout calls for. You can do as little or as much of the workout as you’d like. Remember it’s an endurance workout so keep it at an easy pace.

Speed Workout – Fast, Slow, Here We Go!

This is a good fast interval speed workout for you that can be done on the trail or on a treadmill. The workout gets more difficult as you go, ending with a real lung burner.

15’s Pyramid HIIT Workout

This is a bit of an Endurance WOD meant to mimic a long outdoor run when you can’t get outdoors. It’s a 15’s pyramid HIIT workout, meaning you start with the 1st exercise, then do the 1st and second exercise, then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd exercise… all the way to the end or bottom of the pyramid.

WOD – Filthy 50

This workout includes is a great burn that will push your muscles hard. Pace yourself and try to do each set at the same pace. Equipment: None Workout: (5 Times) 10 Offset Push-Ups (Right hand by head, left hand by chest, alternate) 10 Burpees (Full burpees, chest to ground) 10 Jump Squats (Or standard squats)…

WOD – Sprints and Weights

This workout includes sprints and quick sets in between for recovery. This is a quick workout meant to keep you burning through the whole workout. Equipment: KettleBell or Sandbag Workout: (3 Times) 800m Run 10 Push-Presses, 10 KettleBell Swings 200m Run 10 Weighted Front Lunges Left Leg, 10 Weighted Front Lunges Right Leg, 10 Weighted Squats…