Beginner Workouts

Crazy Build Up Workout!

This is super fun workout. It slowly builds in intensity with each exercise you add on. Pace yourself!   10 Get Ups (From standing position lay down on your back and then get back up. Do this without using momentum. BEGINNER OPTION: Use hands to help you up.) CARDIO: 25 Jumping Jacks, 25 High Knees,…

Crunch and Twist Bonus

Hello, If you are looking for a great post-workout ab burn or maybe you want to monopolize your TV watching time here is a great ab burner: EQUIPMENT: None SET (Beginner: 1 Set, Intermediate: 2 Sets, Advanced: 3 Sets) 30 Bicycles (Each leg is one count) 30 Vertical Leg Crunches (Laying on your back with your…