Beginner Workouts

AMRAPS and Runs

5 min – Warm-up jog 12 min – repeat circuit below 3 times 1 min – Jog 1 min – Tempo 1 min – Sprint 1 min – Recovery 8 min AMRAP 8 Pull-ups 8 Left Pistol Squats 8 Right Pistol Squats 8 Knee to Elbows 12 min – Running Circuit 8 min – 8,…

Ab and Core Tabata

The secret to making this effective is in your interval. You have to go all out, so do as many reps as you can in the 20 seconds, put it down for 10, then pick it up again and go 100% for another 20 seconds.I would suggest getting some sort of tabata timer:ULTRA TIMER APP…

The Darci

This is an endurance WOD that will work your cardio and your strength. You will complete 3-5 sets of the workout. Decide before you start how many and finish what you decided. Do not quit… Do not stop. Just muscle through and finish.

All Legs Workout

The All Legs Workout includes moves to build strength and muscle in your legs and glutes. Be careful to do the moves accurately. Quality over quantity.

The Bench Workout

The Bench Workout can be done indoors or outdoors. All you need is a bench or picnic table. Its a countdown workout so pace yourself and have fun!

10 High Pyramid

This is a 10 High pyramid workout. You start with the first exercise, then you do the first exercise and the second, then you do the first, second, and third…. all the way to the 10th exercise. You’ll be doing a bit of running between each exercise. Have fun! Pace yourself!

Sweaty AMRAP

This is a fun and sweaty AMRAP (As many reps as possible). Its a self paced workout using a Medicine ball / Kettlebell and your bodyweight. I split the exercises into Beginner and Advanced so choose the level that suits your fitness level.. This one can burn up to 400 cal in 25 minutes.

Speed Workout – Fast, Slow, Here We Go!

This is a good fast interval speed workout for you that can be done on the trail or on a treadmill. The workout gets more difficult as you go, ending with a real lung burner.

WOD – Filthy 50

This workout includes is a great burn that will push your muscles hard. Pace yourself and try to do each set at the same pace. Equipment: None Workout: (5 Times) 10 Offset Push-Ups (Right hand by head, left hand by chest, alternate) 10 Burpees (Full burpees, chest to ground) 10 Jump Squats (Or standard squats)…