Advanced Workouts

Burn Baby Burn Workout

Hello there, Today is a workout and let me tell you it is a great full body workout. Set your timer to 50s work and 10s rest. Do the first set 3 times and then do the second set 3 times. Have fun! SET A (3 Times) 5 Box Jumps / 5 Push-Ups (Do step-ups…

Crunch and Twist Bonus

Hello, If you are looking for a great post-workout ab burn or maybe you want to monopolize your TV watching time here is a great ab burner: EQUIPMENT: None SET (Beginner: 1 Set, Intermediate: 2 Sets, Advanced: 3 Sets) 30 Bicycles (Each leg is one count) 30 Vertical Leg Crunches (Laying on your back with your…