Speed Interval Workouts

The key to running fast is to practice running faster. That simple… There are some important things to take into consideration before you go sprinting out the door though. Speed work must be gradually introduced into your routine and should only be roughly once per week.

Strides – A great way to start getting that body used to running fast(er). They are gradual accelerations of about 100m long. They are an important part of your warm-up before speed interval work. When running strides think of relaxed shoulders but quick foot turnover.

Interval workouts are geared to help make that race pace you want to run easier.  Practice running some short races at that goal pace of yours to get a feel for it. I have some interval workouts below you can try:


Workout 1: Ladder (200m, 400m, 800m, 1,000m, 800m, 400m, 200m)

The 1,000m should be run at your race pace. All other intervals should be run slightly faster. The shorter the distance, the faster the pace.

Workout 2: Steady (8 x 400m / 90s rest)

Aim for race pace or a bit faster for these. Pick a pace that is consistent and maintainable for all sets. If you are just starting interval training do 4 or 6 only.

Workout 3: 2K Toughie (2 x 400m / 90s rest; 2km run; 4 x 200m / 45s rest)

Start with the 400m sets running faster than race pace, take your 90s between each set. The 2km is run at a pace faster than race pace. .. This will hurt… It needs to hurt. Fully recover after this set. ¬†Now finish off with some fast 200m strides taking your 45s rest.

Workout 4: For Confidence (1km, 2 x 400m, 1km)

Run the 1km at race pace taking a recovery at the end. Do the 400m at faster than race pace, and then finish with another 1km race pace.


Make sure to take recovery days after these tough workouts. Stay hydrated and get that protein in as soon as possible afterwards. and TAKE NOTES. See how much you improve your intervals as you continue with these workouts.