Running Stairs with Stares….

Hello Extremers,

Well Tab and I decided today was a good day to do some stair training. We are lucky to have many great staircases in our river city and one close to my home we can run too. We decided to add another level of complexity by bringing our brood. So 4 kids and a baby in tow off we went. We made it down our epic hill without any of the kids hitting the tooleys. Today was one of those days we ventured out without a decisive workout plan so when we got to the staircase we looked blankly at each other… What’s the plan? Well, we had a friend of ours post on Facebook that she was able to do 22 flights in under an hour… 23? Sure why not. Let’s give it a whirl!!

We parked my chariot stroller on a landing on the staircase so he could watch us fly by and all the older kids did their own version of stairs and scrambling while we climbed and descended. Tab and I decided we would do an assessment after 10 flights. I plugged my ear phones in and off we went. I was oblivious to my children other than the high-5’s they gave us as we passed them. My 1 year old was tickled pink watching all the people go by as they climbed. It wasn’t until about 9 or 10 flights in that a lady asked me who’s baby it was sitting on the landing quite concerned…

“It’s my baby.” I replied. I’m not sure if she thought the poor dude was being neglected even though he was content and entertained. I carried on with my torture.

I then noticed this lady was lingering around my stroller and staring at my son and staring at me. I kept stopping quickly to keep my son entertained but while coming down my 13 flight noticed this lady taking pictures. I made a point of asking her if it was picture day. I honestly got the impression she was totally disapproving of my son sitting in his jogging stroller while I ran stairs. This is very frustrating to me as I am continually disappointed in the stigma Mom’s receive when they choose to take an hour to workout and have their little ones it tow.

Here’s my quick and to the point rant:

Why is it that if Mom’s take their kids out for an hour and run with them in a stroller or do any sort of exercise there is often judgement passed in the form of. “It’s selfish.” The poor kid has been in that stroller for an hour!” “They’re being neglected.”, etc. BUT… There is never judgement passed if we as parents go shopping for three hours with baby and stroller in tow, or if we go to the Fringe or Carnival or Festival for an entire afternoon or day. In those scenarios it’s never an issue.

Our children will become what we are and what we do, and is making them part of a healthy lifestyle not a better choice? The older children ran up and down those stairs with abandon and my 1 year old got to witness his Mommy and all the other stair runners making fitness and health a priority in their lives. He may not understand it now but it’s what he will grow up with so that one day when he is a father he will take his kids our for a run or a bike or a hike with him and pass that crucially important lesson on to his children.

OK. Rant done. We never made 23… I know… Epic fail. I only managed to muster 17 flights in just over 52 minutes. My friend is amazing. I will have to bring her next time to speed my butt up. I did beat my sister by 2 flights so all is still right in the world though. ;)

Later Gators.






  1. Love your rant…and although not everyone understands our love of combining exercise & motherhood , hopefully they have enough “generosity of spirit” to suspend judgement and let us get our burn on!!