Having a Group or Friend Makes Workouts Fun!

I had a great fitness experience today. If you don’t know me there are two things about me that you need to understand before I tell you this story

  1. I am very competitive and love challenges… They are my motivation.
  2. I am not a fan of doing things I suck at…. This gets worse as I get older.

Back to the story. I have decided to do spin classes one/week this new year to help me prepare for a bike race I have this summer. There is a gym down the street from where I work that offers a lunch hour class. Last week I was in the class and recognized a fellow from my office doing the class as well. The class was hard (I don’t bike often) and I struggled, both with how hard it was, and I was also not having a whole lot of fun in there by myself.

Well! This week I drug my feet but committed to going. As I was walking out of the building I saw that fellow with a friend heading to the same class again. We walked to the gym together laughing about how hard it was. They had been doing this spin class for over a year now and loved it. It was good to hear.

We got to the gym and headed our separate ways. Once changed I sulked my way into the spin room and found a bike… To my dismay the bike I picked had a broken peddle. I found another bike with two working peddles but it was RIGHT BESIDE the fellow I work with. Awkward…. I felt like I was invading this “Man Zone” thing. The class started and again so did my near death experience. With these guys beside me I couldn’t slack…

I noticed these two guys kept checking each others screens out! I tried chatting with them awkwardly to get in on whatever they were doing… It’s hard to make friends when you are dripping sweat and panting like a dog apparently. I couldn’t figure it out. The class finally ended and I just had to know. Well… APPARENTLY the way to measure who worked harder in a spin class is to compare calories!! The distance doesn’t put into account the level you are on. So these guys compare calories every class. I told them how many calories I burned and a light of welcome came into their eyes and all of a sudden we were all talking about NEXT weeks class and who was going to burn more calories. I came in 3rd place this week but now I know what the deal is… IT’S ON!!

The moral of this fun little story is that sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and extend an olive branch to strangers to build relationships in fitness. Most of us can’t do this all on our own. These relationships are so important because they keep you honest, motivated, and accountable. Most importantly working out with others keeps it FUN!!! Fun is the most important thing.